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Our Story

Rev. Franklin Walker organized Miller Memorial Baptist Church (MMBC) on August 4, 1895, in the home of Mrs. Betty Houston on present-day Stewart Street as a Sunday School mission.  The congregation later moved to 23rd & Jefferson Streets.


In 1902, Rev. Samuel Comfort became the second pastor of the little flock then known as Mount Calvary Gospel Mission.  In 1903, Mount Calvary Gospel Mission was reorganized and named Miller Memorial Baptist Church in honor of Rev. Theodore E. Miller, who helped to organize the church.


On Sunday, June 1904, Rev. Wilkins E. Jones accepted the call to pastor MMBC.  Church attendance rapidly increased.


Ground was broken on the present edifice in 1925. The ground, building and furnishings were purchased for $122,740.13.

The church purchased a former machine shop at 21st and Jefferson Streets in 1907 and remodeled the building into a church edifice in 1913.


1907 - 1913

Rev. Wilkins E. Jones was called from labor to reward in 1935. The mantle of the ministry was passed on to his son, Rev. John Luke Jones, who accepted the call in 1936. MMBC continued to flourish during Rev. John Luke Jones’s tenure. On December 13, 1933, the $25,000 first mortgage was burned, and on February 12, 1937, the second mortgage was burned leaving the church DEBT FREE.

1935 - 1937

On Sunday, September 24, 1939, MMBC dedicated its Excelsior School of Religious Education. 



In 1965, a new Educational Annex was erected at a cost of $250,000. A fire erupted in the main sanctuary, causing damage of well over $70,000.  

Sanctuary 2_edited.jpg

But, God is ever faithful. MMBC had two incredible servants in its midst, Trustees Joseph F. Trent and Enoch Johnson, who were also building contractors. They rebuilt and renovated the Church.

On July 6, 1970, after 35 years of faithful service, Rev. J. Luke Jones retired as pastor.  Rev. Roland V. Jones, Sr., a son of MMBC, was extended the call to become pastor on November 2, 1970.  He accepted and was installed on Sunday, February 14, 1971.

1970 - 1971

Rev. R.V. Jones, Sr., instituted a number of ministries and initiatives, including: The Scholarship Committee; The Vacation Bible School; The Deaconess Board; Good Friday Service; Easter Sunrise Service; The President’s Council; The Golden Alert Fellowship; Cottage Meetings the week before Revival; serving shut-in members Holy Communion; honoring members for 50 consecutive years of service; and the weekly Church Bulletin. The congregation also remodeled the Sunday School room at a cost of $50,000; and installed central air conditioning for $75,000 during this time.


In June 1990, all mortgages were paid in full. Concurrently, a group of members organized a “Transportation Committee” to purchase a church bus for $41,000 to transport members to and from church. 




On January 21, 1993, Rev. Roland V. Jones, Sr. transitioned from this life. 

On June 6, 1993, Rev. Wilkins O. Jones, Sr. (the great nephew of Reverend Wilkins E. Jones) was installed as pastor of Miller Memorial Baptist Church.  He envisioned MMBC as a catalyst for rebuilding the surrounding community. Under Rev. Jones’s leadership, many new ministries were created such as: Community Day; the Missionary Society; the Share A Blessing Ministry; Holy Communion after morning worship and starting a mentoring program in partnership with Reynolds Elementary School.



On November 23, 2001, Rev. Wilkins O. Jones, Sr. was called home to be with the Lord.

In 2001, Rev. Henry Baldwin, a former Tuskegee Airman, preacher and teacher of God’s word, was appointed as Interim Pastor.  His Godly leadership and wise counsel kept the congregation unified and focused on God’s work.  Reverend Baldwin’s time was marked by action.  The church completed a number of capital projects, namely its state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.


2004 - 2014

Rev., Dr., Wayne M. Weathers was installed as pastor on February 1, 2004.  Rev. Weathers implemented the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study, and Spiritual Gifts and Leadership Classes.  Rev. Weathers resigned the MMBC pulpit in November 2014.

Deacon Chairman Chester S. Hampton, Jr. ably led the congregation for four years as we searched for a new pastor.  Deacon Hampton proved himself a capable and caring leader with a pastor’s heart.  His steady hand guided the church through a tumultuous time. 

2014 - 2018

On October 28, 2018, Miller Memorial Baptist Church elected Reverend Damaris Y. Walker, Esq., a churchman, preacher and teacher from Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown to be our 7th pastor. Reverend Walker endeavors to lead the church in ministering to a changing demographic in the digital age. While standing on the threshold of the future, we are assured that God still has a great work for us to do. With dedicated hearts, eager spirits, and guided by Almighty God, we look forward to the future in faith. 

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